Alair Homes Booth IDS Vancouver

The concept, design and installation of the booth for Alair Homes at IDS Vancouver. The white and raw area of the booth represents the “in construction” phase of a project while the finished walnut wood area represents the “finished product” and end result in a project. Winner of the Best Booth Award

Photography by: Sebastien Panouille

Laneway Lounge IDS Vancouver

The design of the IDS Vancouver Laneway Lounge was an continuation of the H&L Laneway Home and tied the booths of Alair Homes, H&L Magazine and the Alzheimer’s Society of B.C. together as one unified space. The lounge was designed to be a place of community where attendees during the design show could use the space as a meeting point, rest their feet, and continue the dialogue of small space living. Custom furniture from local Vancouver designers and suppliers were featured in this space.

Photography by: Sébastien Panouille and Laura Mar